The 21st Annual and International Meeting of the Japanese Association for Animal Cell Technology (JAACT2008)
Correspondence Secretariat

Proceedings of JAACT2008 Fukuoka:

The proceedings of the JAACT2008 Fukuoka will be published from Springer.

Participants who give plenary lecture, symposium, oral or poster presentations are requested to prepare the photo-copiable full paper of 7 pages, and to hand it the registration desk during the meeting in order to publish the proceedings rapidly. Please submit the manuscript in the form of a Microsoft Word file and a hardcopy to JAACT2008 Secretariat.

Instruction of Proceedings Preparation
Download of a PDF file (PDF file, 486 kB)

Please submit the manuscript before November 27, 2008.

Use the template file
To prepare a camera-ready manuscript, please use the template ‘Template of Proceedings’ which works on Microsoft Word 97 and above. The template file can be downloaded from this page. This template contains various macros that facilitate automatic formatting of your manuscript. How to use this template is described in the “Instruction” which can be downloaded from this page. Note that this template works on Windows but not Macintosh. If you already have the manuscript written by old or another format, please refer page 12 of the “Instruction of Proceedings”. To make macros effective, it may be needed to change the security level of your computer, please refer page 2-3 of the “Instruction of Proceedings” for the settings of your computer.

Chapter Template File
This is “Microsoft Word Template File” for the manuscript preparation for Proceedings. Please choose "Save As ..." from browser menu to download this file on your computer.

Download of a DOT file (DOT file, 139 kB)

Manuscript length
The maximum length of the manuscript is 7 pages.

Please submit both hardcopy (or PDF-formatted file) and Microsoft Word file to JAACT2008 Secretariat (before the meeting) or hand it the registration desk during the meeting.

JAACT2008 Secretariat: 
c/o Dept. of Chem. Eng., Fac. of Eng., Kyushu University
744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka 819-0395, JAPAN
E-mail:, FAX: +81-92-802-2793